The financing of a business venture can come from a variety of sources; however, 这需要仔细的计划和研究,以发现可用的融资,将最有利于你的业务发展.  To apply for any of the below business financing programs, or for more information, contact:

P.O. 248箱
3 .堪萨斯州希尔城67642




irb是由市、县代表特定的企业实体发行的证券义务. IRBs allow governmental units to serve as a financing conduit for business. The IRBs are not backed by the full faith and credit of the issuing governmental unit, 因此,一个公司是否有能力利用这种融资方式取决于其自身的财务实力和偿还债务的能力. 


P.O. 248箱
3 .堪萨斯州希尔城67642




KIT计划是一个全面和灵活的劳动力培训计划,旨在应对新公司或扩张公司的具体需求. Eligible industries include enterprises that are creating at least one job. 可用的行业包括制造业, 分布, 区域性或全国性的服务设施及其他主要从事开发或生产商品或提供州外销售服务的企业.


KIR是为了帮助结构调整行业中因技能或知识的落后或不足而有可能被解雇的职员. KIR funds can be used to pay off some retraining costs that are eligible under the KIR program. The KIR program requires matching dollar of dollar funds from the company. 符合条件的行业包括通过整合现有技术重组其运营的企业, 新技术的开发与整合, diversification of production or the development and implementation of new production activities. At a minimum, at least one employee must be trained under the project to qualify for assistance.

State of Kansas Investment in Major Projects and Comprehensive Training (IMPACT)

IMPACT计划可用于增加新就业机会的个体企业或公司财团. 比如KIT程序, IMPACT is intended to help companies offset the cost of training employees for new jobs; however, 由于新员工的数量和平均工资决定了项目的资助限制,因此资助能力要大得多.


The KDFA administers a federal program for beginning farmers. This program allows Kansans who have agricultural experience, but have never owned significant amounts of farmland, to secure below-market interest rate financing on purchases of agricultural land, 改进, 设备和种畜. 

Ad Astra种子资本基金

通过KTEC控股有限公司., Ad Astra种子资本基金, KTEC为处于发展初期的堪萨斯州先进技术公司提供融资. 资金用于, 但不限于, 原型测试和改进, field testing and initial marketing assessment and development. 被考虑作为种子资本投资, a firm must demonstrate that the innovation will provide a competitive edge in the marketplace; significant employment will be generated in Kansas; and sufficient capital is unavailable through traditional financing sources. The goal of seed capital investment is to read the company for venture capital.



The CDBG is used to assist communities in the attraction and expansion of industry. The financing available through this program is awarded five times a year on a competitive basis. The CDBG funds are available to cities with a population of less than 50,或少于200个县,000年的人口. The regulations require that one job be created for every $35,000, and the maximum grant funds available through the CDBG program is $750,000.


Kansas is one of the few states to have its own export loan guaranty program. 出口担保可以帮助小公司获得融资,以支付与出口销售相关的成本. 这种担保可以帮助制造公司获得贷款,以支付原材料和必要的零部件生产产品的出口订单.


该计划向市、县提供低息贷款,用于改善基础设施,支持基础企业. 这些贷款旨在帮助市、县政府吸引新企业和扩大现有业务. All cities and counties in Kansas are eligible to apply. 


《腾博会登录》设立了一个非大都市区域商业计划,将在全州范围内提供商业扩张和发展激励. 才有资格获得这些奖励, 制造业和零售业(只有免税资格)必须创造两个净新就业机会. Non-manufacturing, non-retail businesses must create five jobs to qualify. Retail businesses are only eligible for the sales tax exemption if located in a community with a 2,500人以下.



社区 Express loans offer qualified small business owners unsecured loans ranging from $5,000 to $25,000,期限为7年, 利率是Prime + 4.50%, no prepayment penalty, minimal paperwork and a quick approval time. 商业贷款快递是一家非传统银行, 与SBA有合约安排提供贷款,而社区 Express从SBA获得85%的担保. 社区快递利用基于信用评分和支付能力的信用评分系统来确定申请人的信用价值. 作为贷款的一部分, 鼓励借款人接受技术援助,以更好地经营和发展其业务. 该贷款的潜在用户包括没有足够抵押品或首付的初创企业, 现有的业务, 哪个需要一些额外的营运资金, or gap financing to offset some of the bank’s risk in doing a larger project.


SBA贷款快递是通过您的当地银行提供的SBA担保贷款,该银行已完成成为指定的SBA贷款快递贷款人的文书工作, whereby the lender will receive a 50% loan guaranty from SBA. The bank makes the credit decision, and the loan is completed on the bank’s loan paperwork. 贷款的最高限额是35万美元. It can be an amortized loan or a line of credit loan for a maximum of seven years, plus the terms and interest rates are determined by the bank. The loan application has minimum paperwork to complete to be submitted to your banks for approval. 

SBA 7(a)贷款担保和低文件项目

The SBA guaranty loans are made by a private lender, usually banks, and are guaranteed by SBA. 最高保修费为1美元,000,000 and the interest rates can be fixed or variable— typically not to exceed 2.75% over the prime rate of the Wall Street Journal. SBA will guaranty 85% of loans up to $150,000 and 75% of loans greater than $150,000. 贷款收益可以用于土地, 建筑, 建筑和装修, 机械和设备, 营运资金和存货. In certain situations, debt refinance can be included in the SBA guaranteed loan. 如果贷款请求少于150美元,000, a Low Doc application may be used— a simple two-page application. 一般, SBA makes a decision on the Low Doc application within three days of submittal to the Sacramento, CA的办公室. On guaranteed loans up to $150,000, SBA allows the bank to retain 25% of the guaranty fee.


The SBA 504 loan program is a partnership between the SBA, 一个认证发展公司(CDC)和一个私人贷款人10到20年的金融计划. The loan proceeds are to be used to assist small businesses with plant acquisition, 建设, 转换或扩张. This includes the acquisition of 机械和设备 with a useful life of at least 10 years. The 504 program cannot be used to provide working capital or to refinance existing debt. A SBA 7(a) guaranty can be submitted in conjunction with the 504 application for working capital, 库存, 等.


当小企业管理局局长总统宣布某一特定地区为灾区时,就可以提供灾害援助. 灾难贷款有两种类型, (1) Physical Disaster Loans and (2) Economic Injury Disaster Loans. 实物灾害贷款是发放给房主的, 租房者, 企业(大或小)和非营利组织的目的是修复或更换损坏或摧毁的房屋, 个人财产和商业财产. 经济灾难贷款发放给因灾难而遭受重大经济损失的小企业. 贷款收益可以用作营运资本和支付金融债务,如果灾难没有发生,小企业本可以偿还这些债务. These loans are generally at an interest rate of 4%.

U.S. 农业部 Business and Industry Loan Program

美国.S. 农业部, 通过工商贷款计划, guarantees loans from local lenders to businesses and industries to benefit rural areas. 该方案的主要目的是创造和维持就业以及改善农村社区的经济和环境气候.


这笔赠款是为了支持位于农村地区的小型和新兴私营企业的发展. 这笔资金将发放给人口不足50人的农村地区的地方政府或私营非营利公司,000, 然后把收益借给企业. 这些资金可由当地政府或非营利机构用于设立循环贷款基金. 一般, these grants are in the maximum amount of $50,000.

Rural Economic Development Loans and Grants (REDLG)

该计划根据健全的经济计划,资助农村地区的经济发展和创造就业项目. REDLGs可提供给任何农村公用事业服务的电力或电信借款人,以帮助发展农村地区, 创造就业机会, 并保留现有的就业机会. 

U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration

This a true grant to a city or county for the purpose of providing infrastructure for a project. Examples are 建设 of roads, water lines and sewer for a business development project. It can provide up to 50% or 60% of the project costs for eligible counties. 它的基础是创造或保留就业机会. 可获得的最高金额为100万美元,或在申请资助时可获得的金额. Eligibility is based on per capita personal income and/or unemployment rates.

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